Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thread 'Bears'

 Here are a few pix of the Thread Bears, cats etc I've made recently. I'm still quite poorly, and on the weak side so not been able to get round to see many of your blogs, I will do as and when I'm able - to enjoy some inspiration ....I seem to be totally out of it when it comes to making cards at present. The patterns for all these are kindle downloads from Amazon, I've added a direct link to each pattern with my photos. You don't need to own a Kindle, Amazon provide a free download for your p.c.

This is my first cat, made for my daughter 

All the following are jointed, as the pattern instructs, I find it the hardest part.

A cat for a friend..I must sent it to her !!

A polar bear, already sent and received, for another friend

A rather big eared rabbit,for my daughter

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