Saturday, 30 March 2013

Guess my Favourite Colour

These are my entries for the Favourite Colour part of the Beading Friends Forever Challenge.

This is a Tubular net lace bracelet watch, below is a close up of the dinky little daisy 'safety' chain I made for it. The Daisy chain video tutorial is here and for the tubular netting I followed the picture tutorial by Leigha of KnottyKnits Blog. It's super easy to follow.

The one below is an Ornate right angle weave, following the video tutorial by Beadaholic

I don't have a tutorial for this one, you'd have to buy the kit from Off The Beaded Path.

 This is also a variation of right angle weave, with emellishments on top. There are several tutorials 

All entered in Beading Friends Forever Challenge.....Double twisted Bracelet following tutorial provided, or favourite colour. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Double Spiral Twist Bracelets

This is the first....and the last one I made. It took me ten goes to get it made in the first place, and then seeing it after I'd made the others I was completely dissatisfied with it and ripped it out and made it again lol. After all that works it's going to take a lot to part with it lol. I enjoyed this pattern, once I'd remembered to turn it side to side as I was making it (to create the spiral) it was easy peasy. It's so beautifully pliable in the hands too. The first is with pale gold and old bronze beads.

No 2 obviously red and white, I like this one

Cream and White

I had to make a pink one didn't I 

Despite how it looks on the pic, this is cream and burgundy

They are all for the March challenge at Beading Friends Forever which is where you'll also find the tutorial video to make the bracelet. You'll also find links to Beading Friends Forever Facebook pages. The alternate option for the challenge is to make a beaded project in your favourite colours.

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