A1  Set Pearly & topaz crystals. Magnetic clasp

A2 Set red & white diagonal 

 B1 Double Spiral in bronze & gold . Magnetic Clasp

B2 Double Spiral in red and pale gold. Magnetic clasp

Taken  B3 Double Spiral in pink & white. Magnetic clasp 

 B4 Double Spiral Chocolate & cream Magnetic clasp

Taken by Susan B5 Double Spiral necklace red/white

 C1 Embellished Ladder Stitch in red/orange/yellow

 C2 Embellished Ladder stitch in pink/lilac/white 

Taken by Mandy C3 Embellished Ladder stitich in Purple/lilac/lavender

 C4 Embellished Ladder Stitch blue/white

C5 Embellished Ladder stitch blues

 C6 embellished Ladder stitch greens

C7 embellished ladder stitch metalics

 D1 Cream & Gold bead bracelet -Chaton Montee embellished with siam crystals 

E1 Hugs & kisses, purple/white

Taken  by Carole E2 Hugs & kisses Pink

Taken by Jan E3 Hugs and Kisses Amber/topaz

Taken by Ang E4 Hugs & Kisses Silver/hametite magnetic clasp

Taken by Di  E5 Hugs & Kisses silver/hametite/black embellished with jet crystals

Taken by Paula F1 Kumihomi braided satin with glass pendant lillac/blue

E2 Kumi braided satin cord  silver/black 

E3 Kumi flat braided satin cord naturals 
 E4 Kumi Braided satin cord naturals with LOVE charm

E5 Kumi braided beads pinks.
These beaded braids have a lovely flexability to them, 
more so than with other beaded jewellery 

Taken by Jopiano  E6 Kumi flat braided satin cord lilac/blue. Double wrap bracelet 

Taken by Laura E7 Kumi Braided satin cord & beads Lilac/mauve. 
Double wrap bracelet with chain & leaf charms  
Necklace to match above

Taken by Eily E8 Kumi braided satin cord Silver/black
with butterfly Pendant & charm

E9 Kumi braided beads necklace with pandora beads 

Taken by L P  E10 Kumi braided satin cord set yellow/lilac.
double wrap bracelet with chains and pandora bead.

 E11 Kumi braided beads topaz/light topaz. Magnetic clasp 

E12 Kumi braided beads vitrial greens. Magnetic clasp

E13 Kumi braided beads, vitrial blues. Magnetic clasp

 F1 Ornate right angle weave in pink, magnetic clasp

 G1 Right angle weave with faceted in pink. Magnetic clasp

G2 Right angle weave with faceted in silver. Magnetic clasp

Taken M P H1 Peach & bronze beaded set 

H2 Cameo Black & Gold with crystals, Necklace and Bracelet set 

Taken by J A Turquoise Bracelet & Necklace

Taken  I 1 embellished right angle weave Pink & sparkly. Magnetic clasp 

Taken by Frieda I 2 embellished right angel weave in blues Magnetic clasp

I 3 Chaton Montee embellished right angle weave in greens Magnetic clasp 

Taken by Suzanne  J1 Double flat spiral red/white

Taken by Joni K1 Beaded Macrame. 4 wrap bracelet
 Black cord &purple/green/blue thread with silver & gold beads 

Taken by Jo H K2  Beaded Macrame Triple wrap bracelet
Naturals cord and thread with brass & bronze beads
 and bronze coloured flower button 

K3, Beaded Macrame. 4 wrap bracelet
Turquoise cord with blue, white & turquoise beads

Mine all mine  Watch made for myself, tubular netted stitch bracelet. 

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