Thursday, 19 August 2010

half a dozen lemons

Half A Dozen Lemons

Disappointed with the lemons, I set my man a task.

‘Get me plenty of them’, didn’t seem a great big ask.

They’ve been so tiny lately, for me that will not do.

Without some nice big lemons, I’m in a great big stew.

They come in bags of three you know, which doesn’t last for long.

So get me half a doz today…that surely can’t go wrong.

Searching high and low for lemons, successful was his quest.

With six, the requested number, he’d surely passed the test.

And so returns our hero, after travelling many a mile,

Heavily laden with his purchase, you have to like his style.

‘But dearest,’ (I have to comment), ‘they seem a little small.

In all of tesco’s kingdom, are you happy with this haul.’

‘Darling, size as much as quantity, had really been my goal.

To get juice from this lemon, I’d have to use it whole.’

Should lemons fit in egg boxes,‘well no!’ I hear you shout.

‘If lemons are so puny, I’d simply chuck them out’.

‘You asked for six, you asked for six, and that bag I had to find.

My search was long and hard you know, though six I kept in mind.’

My guy is quite crestfallen and down on bended knee,

He’d made a valiant effort, I’d asked for six you see.

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