Sunday, 12 September 2010

Card Photo Studio.

Boy that sounds really impressive doesn't it, only to see a rather bad photo - well I've no photo studio to take a picture of it in have I. Lighting is just not good when you have energy saving bulbs all through the house : (

I made it using an A3 sheet of card. Scored all the way across half way width ways, and half way length ways I cut up to the score line. By crossing one 'leg' over the other and holding with a paper clip I have my photo studio. Remove the paper clip, fold in half and I can store it away in my already overcrowded bedroom/craft store.

I used it to photograph my monochrome card and the clean and simple one...was quite pleased with the results. Thanks to Annemaritta and Dorcas for the tip.

1 comment:

Annemaritta said...

Hi, A3 sounds even better than my cardboard box :D It's brilliant to have basic background and ah, so easy to storage :D

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