Friday, 12 November 2010

My Blog has Attitude Award

Can you imagine my surprise this morning, I open up my blog for my favourite treat of reading comments and find I've been given this award by the lovely Priyanka. I've only recently found her blog and she has the most fantastic detailed projects. I've never been given an award before, can you imagine my delight.

So to qualify for the $5 free digi certificate from Digi's with Attitude I have to tell you three things that makes my blog unique, and pass the award onto 5 other blogs...the only problem I see there being having to limit it to much talent with attitude out there lol.

No blog is unique  because I'm family all agree that they are very happy there is only one of me lol. Through my blog I'm trying to work out my craft hoarding problem...I have a very long way to go as I have a long established hoard....but I'm having fun on the way.

No 2...May not be terribly unique, but I adore everything about challenges. I love to pop over to  Feline Playful and choose all my challenges for my card...I can't seem to make a move without my challenges now. I need a sketch, the colour, embellies...everything before I start lol.

No 3...Probably not so unique either, but I make all my cards with oodles of love, but as we are all unique, we all love in a unique way don't we. However, I'm having serious problems giving up the cards I make for my challenges - I love them, they are my friends, I don't want to part with them lol.

Now for the five lovely people I want to pass this on to.

Now you wonderful ladies, to qualify for the $5 gift you just have to do the same as I have, but
please first pop over to
and read the rules there.


Dana said...

You are such a sweety to think of me!!! You ARE very deserving of this award!! Love the bit about being a hoarder.. I didn't know that about you.. lol!!
Much love!

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Thank You so much! Not sure which one has more attitude, Me or my blog! LOL Do not have time to do all the fun stuff now, but I will grab it for later. Thank you so much!

dj1952 said...

Linda, you're so sweet to think of me, especially since we really just met. I hope that I can think of five people to send it to. Most of the ones I know personally alread seem to have the award. Hmmmmm. I think you more than deserve the award! Thanks for your kindness. I'll get my info posted to my blog as soon as I can after the surgery. Hugs, dj

Priyanka said...

u r so very welcome, me to same like u, this is my very first award,really thanks to u for ur comment and appreciation of my work.


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