Thursday, 28 June 2012

Guess the Film Candy Challenge

I've been away so long, it seems to me anyway lol. I was without my laptop until a couple of days ago, so glad to have my baby back. Since having it back, I've had continual internet problems, it keeps playing hide and seek with me.

This set of atc's is for a candy challenge at Unique by Annemaritta. We've been challenged to create a project inspired by a film, without naming it. You still have two days to join in if you're interesting in winning her candy.

Sorry about the poor quality of the pix, hubby did just can't get the staff these days....or the loyality if my comment it anything to go by lol. 


Annemaritta said...

This is a tough one! :) I keep guessing and if I don't get it right, I add more to the candy! :D

Star Trek? "Prosper"

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hi Linda,
so good to see you back though I am sorry you are still having problems with internet.
There must be something going on as I have not been able to get on the internet on my laptop today. Such a pain as I haven't been able to do my blog. Too hard trying to do it on my phone so I waited and its now 2.26am and I have been on 5mins!!
Anyway, I'm waffling. The film has to be Star Trek but I am not sure which one. I'll go for Nemisis? Fun idea.
Hugs Linda x

Dorcas said...

Hey Lin! So glad to have you back with us! Hope the internet improves~ what a bummer!
I'm not too up on movies so I'll leave Annemaritta to guess this one, but I'm guessing its Star Trek or Star Wars :/

Shelly Schmidt said...

Dropping in to say hello- hope your internet gets better!

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