Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Crocheted toys

Here are some of the crocheted toys I've made, mostly for my grandson Jack. You'll be relieved to know that sometimes he goes home with the toy before I take a pic, so you are spared the full inventory.

I mostly make them up as I go along, I like to have a picture of what I'm supposed to be making. I don't turn patterns, I've tried writing it as I make, but it slows me down, and I like to crochet with my brain in neutral (it's happiest state).

 Jack likes dino's, and aliens, and stuff from the tv progs he watches. He's recently started asking for dino's that I can't even pronounce. I put him off (wicked Nana) by saying, just bring me a picture and I'll make it. He finally said, well can you just make me a don't need a picture for that do you. He had his usual sweet smile but I'm sure there was a trace of sarcasm in his voice lol.

An Alien, he'd like all his toys this size, but his Mom said she'd need another house for them.

dinos from ice age 3

Another alien, falling out of his bed lol.

From ice age 3.

Turtle from Nemo

I'd started this for my daughter, she'd reminded me I never got her the pony she'd wanted as a child lol. I nearly finished and I just didn't like it.....Jack did, so of course.....The bits of loose yarn is where he had a try at sewing.

Some of you may recognise these from Shaun the Sheep. I think this is the mommy.

Shaun and a needle felted Timmy

A few of his toddler toys 

A soap Saver I made for him.

That's all folks, well done if you managed not to fall asleep.


Apricot Bubbles said...

I´m still awake - because your work is amazing!
I´m a girl - so I like the flower-turtle best and Shaun ;-)( I love sheep - nevertheless your dinos are great!!!)

Snowcatcher said...

Asleep?!? Not on your life!!! Those are wonderful, and it's great to see him with them, not only for perspective, but also because I can see how much he loves his toys! I'm really diggin' that turtle and meercat (ice age). Excellent work!

Working with brain in neutral... LOVE IT!!!

dj1952 said...

Wow! You're chrochet work is awesome! What a fortunate grandson. I can do simple lap covers, neck wrap or baby blankets. I never learned how to do much else. I'm sure they are well loved. Hugs, dj

Dorcas said...

OMGoodness! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you crocheted soft toys but I was imagining them about 6 inches long, not two feet! Good grief girl! LOL!!!!!!!!!! You do awesome work and are prolific as me with paper and scissors. No wonder Jack always has a grin plastered on his face from ear to ear! :-)

Nannieflash said...

Hi Linda and zoo of animals Im not surprised your daughter is saying she needs a bigger house, youve certainly created some fabulous toys for your grandson and he looks as though he enjoys their company, so keep at it girl you are doing the right thing. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

Stacey G.- 2 Craf-t-4u said...

Wow Linda, these are terrific! Your talent amazes me! And you do not have a pattern?! I am speechless and that is very hard to do! LOL These are wonderful and a great memory for Jack. They may need a bigger house, but these are special unique toys that you can't get in a store!

Priyanka said...

My God u can make crochet toys too,really u r multi talented, and he is sooooo cute ans sweeet,and soo naughty too.

Laura said...

OMG! They look adorable!!! You're so good at it! :)
And that's a wonderful idea. I was thinking exactly the same thing: I will try and crochet toys for my baby when he arrives. It saves the stress of chemicals and other dangers not to mention money :)

Your grandson looks sooo cute! With that curly hair and all... he looks like a little angel (I am sure he's not most of the times...he has "that" smarty look on his face as well) :)

Thanks for passing by my blog ... I go see what other wonderful things you create :)


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