Friday, 24 June 2011

Some New Awards

I've recently been given a few Awards, but been having trouble fitting in the time to post about them...I do like to be busy lol. Please visit these lovely ladies and give them some love. I started this post in March, three months isn't too long to spend on one post is it lol.
Firstly I was given the Stylish Blogger Award by one of my new blogging friends (we meet such lovely people don't we) Sheree , thank you so much. I've been given this before so refer to the original post to see my 8 things. Check out her fantastic Stampscape Tutorial - Rocky Mountain Foothill here.. truly amazing work...Sheree blog is a must see.

Then Katrina at Flutterbytrina gave me the Versatile blogger, so lovely of you Trina. I've also been awarded it by Naush, and Angie Kay Thanks all of you for thinking of me.  You are all great and I find your work inspiring. For this I have to

1) Tell 7 Facts about myself (What do I have left to reveal lol)
2) pass on  the award to 15 fellow Bloggers 
1) I've become an Award Addict
2) I rarely wear a bra (I'm from the Twiggy, proud to be Flat Era lol)
3) I go bare-foot inside and outside as much as possible through the summer
4) I've moved home 8 times and still managed to stay within a 2mile area
5) I'm besotted with my grandson, which may not be news to many, but has to be said.
6) I'm on my second, but last marriage.
7) I'm always on the look-out for my next obsession

My 15 

This lovely little thing is also from Trina, thank you again sweetie, and right back at you. 
All I have to do it pass it on to 7 other... do I say all, how am I going to whittle it down to a mere 7. 

This is my newest award and I think perhaps my favourite. It's from Anne, my teamie on Amber's Crafts and Stuff. I admire her work so much, please pop and give her some love


Natasha said...

Awww, thanks so much!! I have a similar post that I need to finish. Guess now is a good time to do that.


Sheree said...

Wow!!! Thank you sooooo much for choosing me for the awards!!! They mean so much to me because I am in awe of your work be it card making, pin making or drawing! I am going to show these off with pride and pass them on to very worthy recipients.
You have made my day!!

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